Costa Rica Guide – Calendar Legend

The rains have always been more consistent on central Caribbean side mountains and it’s generaly wetter. Afternoon and all of a sudden showers have probably been general in May. Travelers number decrease and do costs -lodging discounts of 20 30″percent are reachable in May although most transportation and ur costs have probably been relatively constant, as the rains start.

We’ve looked with success for that it’s a lot more of a gamble, november is the opposite transition month when rainy season ends and the dry season begins. Wet weather isn’t uncommon in November and as ground has usually been saturated with months of moisture landslides that shut down roads for weeks or even months are not uncommon. May marks the transition from dry season to rainy season in Costa Rica and the weather has been By the way, a bit of aas it’s rained at least a little in April. Although, Alternatives with lower season rates and intermediate rainfall comprise June and August. Ultimately, later in month it might be more like dry rather warm April with highs well into the 90’s but once season switches it’s more like June and a few degrees cooler. Lowland and Pacific beach temperatures in May depend a big deal on when the rains start.